We obtain your ISBN number for your new book in your own name We will supply your BARCODE and can place it on the book. We will register your title with CiP and Trove We will provide you with a free copyright page to personalise Rights and Responsibilities explained Trove Trove is an online service that supplements what search engines provide. The website allows the user to search a topic (E.g. Brisbane, Queen Elizabeth, or J.K. Rowling) for pictures, articles, information, or manuscripts. Trove, a product of the National Library of Australia, makes it simpler for people to find resources hidden throughout the web, and unveils material from websites and sources that had gone undetected. Unlike other search engines, Trove provides a ranking system for topics, and groups similar articles, books, and materials together within the same list of search results. Trove can be accessed through its website: and can be contacted through the National Library of Queensland: CiP – Cataloguing-in-Publication This is voluntary The National Library of Australia (NLA) manages Cataloguing-in-Publication (CiP) data, which is used by libraries in Australia and around the world to catalogue books. A CiP entry includes the name of the authors, the book’s title and subjects, and the book’s ISBN (you must have an ISBN in order to obtain CiP). While CiP data is not a legal requirement, CiP entries are listed on Kinetica, the NLA’s database of material held in Australian libraries, ensuring that books can be used by a wide audience. As CiP information should be included on the printed version of your book, the NLA will prepare a CiP entry for your book before it is published, from a form completed by you. The CiP information should be printed in your book according to the guidelines provided by the NLA.
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