100% copyright to the author

Copyright is free and automatic when work is created. The original owner of copyright will be the author (for literary, musical, dramatic and artistic works) or producer (for sound recordings and films) or broadcaster (for broadcasts).
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3D Cover supplied for advertising and promotion.

Let us create a 3D cover for your promotion and marketing. A beautiful 3D cover to place on your stationary, website or marketing material. Visuals do make a difference. You will be amazed with the quality and beauty with our rendered 3D version covers.
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Final approval of eBook file prior to global distribution

Approve your files and activate your eBook with Book Publishing Australia – no additional charges will then apply except for a yearly renewal fee of $50 to the distribution agent to keep you eBook active through the distribution channels.
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Professional Cover Design Creation

Your book is important  to you.  We know this.  You’ve spent countless hours researching, writing, editing and perfecting your work.  You want the best you can get for this crucial final element – the all-important book cover. Let us create your new dynamic book cover design.
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Cover Design Template - An option for intermediate program users

We will transform your cover into a professional design program and make a professional print ready file from the cover that you created as a mock up.  You can then use this cover design as a professional print ready file to send to print.  We can use this cover design for your eBooks or Amazon POD purchase.
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ISBN Registration (Required if you are selling books)

You simply complete a form with your details and we do the rest!  You must have an ISBN number for your book in order to sell it.  If you are only using your book for family and friends and are not selling it or you can provide an ISBN number for your books you don’t need to purchase this option. Alternatively provide us with your ISBN number.
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Book Contents Setup

With your manuscript now completed and your book size selected, it’s time to have your manuscript contents formatted!  Have typed your manuscript in Word?  Are you finding it too stressful to work with?  Or do you not have the time to complete the formatting process yourself?

Cover Design Advanced

Work with us.  Give us your ideas.  Select one of millions of stock images or supply your own and watch the magic happen.  A book cover design can range from a standard design to a highly creative design.  Our dynamic standard book cover design includes two images + 4 hours design.


Having your book available on Amazon is essential for all authors who are serious about publishing.  Naturally it is a common goal of most authors to offer their published work to an international audience.  Watch your own royalties grow.

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