It all stated with an idea.   It then evolved and became the ideal solution to online eBook simplicity.  We listened to what you wanted.  We strive to succeed in every way.
Many years in this industry is proof of our success. We do all the work and we guarantee our services. After landing a job in one of these publishing houses over 8 years ago I could see that there was a lot of improvements needed.  The standards and services really needed to be a lot higher. The costs were considerably high and in many of these publishing houses I discovered are over the top in regards to pricing.   Customer service throughout the publishing industry was almost non existent. Through the feedback I received over those years working in the publishing industry I slowly produced a publishing model like no other.  Why? Because I wanted to be different in so many ways.  I created many platforms to assist authors on their journey with book self publishing.  Now the eBooks online option is another part of that journey assisting authors achieve eBook publishing success.
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